Hand Dyed Yarn

Photo of brightly coloured yarn dyed with food colouring

First dyeing efforts with food colouring.

Back in 2007/2008ish I fancied trying something new – after many false starts and aborted efforts I had learned to crochet, and decided to take things a step further and give dyeing my own yarn a try. Initially I tried dyeing with food colouring (messy, but safe and fun), then ordered a beginner’s dyeing pack and a selection of yarn and spent a happy afternoon making a huge mess.

I showed friends my efforts and the feedback was “this is great, sell it!” At the time my mental health was poor so I put dyeing kit and yarn away and largely forgot about them. Roll on late 2008/early 2009 and I wanted to crochet a shawl in a specific shade of red. None of the indie dyers I patronised had the right shade, so I tried dyeing my own.

Selection of Abstract Cat hand dyed yarn arranged in a rainbow

A selection of hand-dyed Abstract Cat yarn

That was the start, Abstract Cat was born and in August 2009 I sold my first skein. Several years on, I’m still dyeing and selling yarn, mostly variegated colours and semi solids, and still specialise in 2-ply laceweight and 4-ply ‘sock’ yarns. My main website isĀ here and my online shop is here The shawl that started it all remains unfinished…

Picture of Abstract Cat yarn label

Abstract Cat yarn label