UFO Found!

That’s “UnFinished Object” for the non-crafters…

Unfinished stole

Barely started Unfinished shawl


Found under a pile of crap items (old packaging, craft bits, yarn) in a cupboard, a wee project bag containing this – the first item I’ve made with my own hand-dyed yarn – more about this on my Hand dyed yarn page. I’m not sure why I abandoned it; whether I sank into depression, got distracted by other things or got impatient, but I suspect the reason was because there’s a whacking great tangle in the yarn about 8 inches from where I stopped, and I was too lazy to untangle it.

The stitch pattern was coming on nicely, so I might need to bump it up my list/queue of projects (I’ve been working on a blanket for two years so far, and have a bag of DROPS alpaca that’s been waiting to be crocheted into a jumper for a similar amount of time, and that’s not taking into account the umpteen one-skein UFOs sitting in project bags littered round teh house). Anyway, a close up of some of the stitch pattern:

Close up shawl stitch pattern

Stitch pattern

Not sure exactly what the yarn is as it’s from my pre-professional yarn-dyeing days, but I think it’s a 100% alpaca 2-ply laceweight – the fuzzy alpaca halo is going to make attempting to undo the tangle fun…

Luckily the pattern is in the bag with the shawl. It’s Arrows by Annette Petavy and I think it’ll be a gorgeous stole when it’s finished.


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