Antique blue poison bottle

Not to be taken!


One of my aims for 2016 is to make more time for being creative. I have (I think) three quilts in various stages of construction that have been untouched since I moved house three years ago; although I did lose my rotary cutter for over a year, which was a problem. This includes making time for more photographic creativity. This photo is a happy accident photo I took last year. I was trying to illuminate this antique poison bottle from behind to make the “NOT TO BE TAKEN” stand out, but after improvising lighting from an LED torch and a crumpled piece of gauzy fabric to diffuse it, I ended up with something possibly more interesting. It was only afterwards that I realised it looks like a mysterious vapour is emanating from the bottle. I could’ve done it better if I’d spent more time on it, but this was a quick 10 minute nano-project, taken on my my phone in between multitasking work and housework.

Still, I like it – even if mildly cursed by chipping the bottle straight after I took the photo.


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