Hello World


Possibly the most hated, most clich├ęd title in the blogosphere, but it’ll do. *Shy wave*


My third attempt at blogging – the first was a bit of a meltdown; the second I was stalked by a family member who chose to argue with posts that had nothing to do with them. Not sure where this will lead at the moment – photographic experiments. insightful musings, or every minutae of when I have a “ohgod I have to do the laundry, go to Tesco, edit photos, run the dishwasher, dye yarn, feed the cats, scoop cat poop, clean up cat sick, complete my tax return…. AAARGGGHHH… I can’t remember how to do any of those things, where do I start, what day is it?!?!” mental health meltdown day.


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