first shawl

UFO Found!

That’s “UnFinished Object” for the non-crafters…   Found under a pile of crap items (old packaging, craft bits, yarn) in a cupboard, a wee project bag containing this – the first item I’ve made with …

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Once Upon a Time

  A mere 12 days into 2016, I have finished my roller derby photography commitments for 2015. The last game of the year was a fairytale-themed intraleague hosted by Fierce Valley Roller Girls at Grangemouth …

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    One of my aims for 2016 is to make more time for being creative. I have (I think) three quilts in various stages of construction that have been untouched since I moved house …

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Winter belly be gone!

After a festive season involving an excess of feasting, a lack of exercise (I’m blaming the weather) and consequent weight gain, it’s time to get these guys into action. The slight hip pain after what …

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Hello World

  Possibly the most hated, most clich├ęd title in the blogosphere, but it’ll do. *Shy wave*   My third attempt at blogging – the first was a bit of a meltdown; the second I was …

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